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Client Mission


As a business based in Panama City, FL, we know first-hand the devastation Mother Nature can cause.  All of us at Reef Runner Yacht Sales were affected by Hurricane Michael in October 2018.  We suffered the same difficulties as a lot of our clients in that our homes, work, and lives were all literally turned upside down.  We recognize it hasn’t been easy for any of us, and we’d like to do our share in giving back to our community and our clients. 

As you can imagine, a lot of boats were lost as a result of the hurricane, not to mention virtually all of our local marinas.  We lost the entire fleet at Reef Runner Sailing and know a lot of friends, neighbors, and former students who either lost their boats or have spent the last year repairing and refitting them.  It is going to be a long, multi-year process to fully recover, but we are committed to helping rebuild the boating community in Panama City and the surrounding Gulf Coast area.  We want everyone to be able to get back on the water as soon as possible!

We’ve considered all sorts of initiatives:  discounts, mortgage assistance, slips, etc., and have not found a formula that would work for everyone.  Therefore, we’ve decided to leave the options open and simply ask you what might work best for your individual situation.  Pick up the phone and let’s get together and figure out what we can do for you specifically.  What we guarantee is we will listen better and work harder than any other brokerage company out there. 

“It’s a daily pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to talk boating in our beautiful Florida waters and develop long standing relationships in the boating community.  I could not see a more pleasurable way to spend time with great people other than speaking about the fun of boating.  Come see us at Reef Runner Yacht Sales and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!”

Capt. Pete Wodraska, Managing Broker

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