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Don't make the mistake of thinking buying or selling a vessel is similar to a car.  The reality is it is much more analogous to buying or selling a house than a car.  Contracts, surveys, inspections, financing, escrow, and closing documents are only a few of the waters you will navigate during the buying or selling process.  The truth is, it can be daunting.  You don't want to feel like the sharks are circling and you are a small fish in a very big pond.  That is why choosing a professional broker is so important.

The experienced yacht brokers at Reef Runner Yacht Sales will work for you like a good real estate agent.  If you want to buy a boat, we will consult with you to assist in finding and purchasing your dream boat, not pushing one of ours.  A seller's broker only represents the seller and wants to sell that boat regardless of whether it's the right boat for you.  Enlisting your own broker protects you and your interests and gives you an experienced negotiator working just for you.  Plus there is generally no additional cost to you since the seller usually pays any commissions involved in a deal.


If you want to list your boat for sale, we know the questions to ask and the tricks of the trade to maximize your selling price.  We also offer greater exposure for your vessel since we partner with websites like Yacht World to publish professional listings of your boat online.  We can also help you correctly price your vessel by accessing listings of similar boats sold to be sure you are at the proper price point. 


We are your partners to help facilitate deals, listings, financing, and the closing process.  All monies are held in escrow to ensure buyers and sellers are protected.  As professionals, we have access to a network of experts to maximize your buying or selling experience.  This expertise coupled with our negotiating skills will assure your vessel is bought or sold in a timely and professional manner.


Congratulations, you made a smart decision in choosing your broker!

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